Leasing of Domains and Websites

Leasing of domain names.

We prefer to poses domains as a type of properties like real estates or some other assets. If we finally agreed that cryptocurrencies is kind of money, so why domains cannot be kind of realty? If it is realty, so let us rent it.

Why Leasing

The main benefit is that lessee (leasing customer) obtains expensive suitable domain name for his business for a reasonable price. Furthermore, sometimes there is even no other option to achieve exactly this domain name because domain owner doesn’t want to sell it.

SEO Optimisation

All the domains we offer are already parked as a real websites with small content and full stack SEO optimization. Therefore, you will not start from zero, but create your new content on foundation.

Who We Are

This is very important question. However, most important is who we are not. We are not agency. All domains we offer belongs to us and we can be at 100% sure about the quality of its registration. Therefore, you avoid risk of cancelation of a deal by not honest owner and agency says, “We are sorry, we can do nothing with it”.

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